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Why Picov & Kleinberg is Your Best Choice for a Corporate Lawyer

Toronto businesses thrive when they are well-managed and well-structured. One of the best ways to ensure that your company thrives is to have the advantage of clear, customized legal advice from an experienced business lawyer. Toronto’s Picov & Kleinberg Barristers & Solicitors has been advising business owners throughout the GTA for more than 40 years. Our corporate lawyers are the best choice because we draw on our decades of experience to help business owners respond to legal challenges and grow their business. But that is not all – we also add value by advising clients on strategies to protect their business, minimize exposure to risk, and avoid legal trouble in the first place. Foresight and good planning are invaluable to increasing your business’s profitability and making your business run smoothly.

Business Law Services From Our Toronto Corporate Lawyers


Your business is your livelihood. We are here to help with your core business interests and we customize our services based on your company’s needs. Here are some of the commercial interests our Toronto corporate lawyers can assist you with:

  • Purchase or sale of a business. You need legal advice if you are buying or selling a business. There are several ways to structure these complex transactions (for example, assets vs. shares) and you should have guidance in evaluating, negotiating, and documenting the deal. Seasoned Toronto business lawyers at Picov & Kleinberg are skilled at conducting due diligence to ensure you get what you bargain for. We prepare and evaluate letters of intent, provide legal opinions, and advise you on complex issues such as assumption of debt and liability and the viability of the business.
  • Business form and structure. Is incorporation the right step for your business? Do you need to raise capital? Are you concerned about exposure to personal liability or tax consequences? Our corporate lawyers will advise you on the pros and cons and help you choose the ideal structure for your business. We then prepare the legal documents to put the structure in place (for example, articles of incorporation and bylaws to create a new corporation).
  • Owner agreements. Does your business have more than one owner? If you are carrying on business with others – for example, in a partnership or as a corporate entity – our business lawyers will craft an agreement such as a Partnership Agreement or a Shareholders Agreement to formalize issues such as management, financing, voting rights, compensation, and transfer of ownership. This will serve as a guide to help the business run smoothly and protect you if disagreements should arise.
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts. You are an expert in your business’s industry, not an expert in legalese, business law, and the law of contracts. Business relationships are governed by written contracts which, depending on the nature of your business, may include commercial leases and lease renewals, employment contracts, franchise agreements, intellectual property agreements, purchase agreements, and customer or supplier contracts. Our skilled corporate lawyers draw on their expertise and up-to-date knowledge of business and contract law to scrutinize written agreements, advise you of risks, and negotiate on your behalf to ensure your business interests are protected.
  • As-needed guidance, advice, and solutions. There are many crucial aspects of running a business that may crop up unexpectedly, presenting challenges or raising questions. Our skilled business lawyers are essentially on-call problem solvers, sensitive to both your business needs and the law. When issues arise (for example, with respect to employee matters, corporate governance, real estate, taxes, licensing, regulatory compliance, changes in the law, or financing), our attentive lawyers are here to advise you and guide you to a solution. We can also draw on our extensive network of connections to refer you to trusted professionals such as accountants or specialists as necessary.


Consult With Our Experienced and Attentive Toronto Corporate Lawyers


Toronto’s Picov & Kleinberg Barristers & Solicitors prides itself on providing clear legal advice and attentive, personalized service to business owners. Since 1978 our Toronto business lawyers have built a strong reputation as a hands-on, small firm that provides large firm service and high-quality advice. Whether you are launching a new business, restructuring or reorganizing, acquiring an existing business, or want to push your business to the next level, we are here to help. Contact us today at 416-488-2100 or by email to kpicov@picovkleinberg.com to discuss your business needs and how our Toronto corporate lawyers can protect your business and help it thrive.



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