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Experienced Real Estate Law Firm and Real Estate Lawyers in Toronto

Property transactions are not always as straightforward as we want them to be. At Picov & Kleinberg Law, we understand that the legal work associated with purchasing or selling a property takes up a lot of time and can be stressful. So, we make it our priority as a renowned real estate law firm in the GTA to help you bypass hidden obstacles when you’re selling, financing, or buying a home or business.

Buying a home or condominium unit before it has been constructed completely has never been easy. Our team of experienced real estate lawyers in Toronto is equipped to prepare, draft and review documents such as transfer documents, purchase agreements, title documents, assignment agreements of purchase and sale, and mortgage documents. Our team prides itself on condominium real estate and assignments. We work with you to go over the fine print in detail. We do this to ensure that the transfer or purchase is legal, binding, and in your best interests, allowing you to be carefree to invest your time in other aspects of owning a new property or a unit.

Areas of Expertise

Property transactions are one of the most significant investments you ever make. You need to involve experienced lawyers to ensure that your investment is protected. Our trusted team of real estate lawyers is well-versed in real estate agreements in Toronto. We can help you with legal preparing, drafting and reviewing legal documents and offer other legal services, including:


  • House or cottage purchase

  • Refinancing

  • Commercial transactions

  • Drafting transfers of title

  • Survivorship application registration

  • Sale of property

  • Power of attorney transactions

  • Review of condo status certificates and all related documents

  • Private mortgages

  • Condominiums purchase (new and resale)

  • Drafting and reviewing commercial leases

  • Commissioning and notarization of documents

  • Drafting and reviewing agreements of purchase and sale

  • Reviewing agreements for a new home or condo pre-construction



If you want to learn more about real estate lawyers, we have some resources available for you.

Why Choose Us?


The real estate law firm at Picov & Kleinberg Law have extensive experience providing dependable legal assistance in Toronto. Our team strives to create value for you with the utmost respect for your specific needs and timely communication. We are dedicated to helping you navigate matters related to real estate law to help make it less stressful. Here is why you should trust us:


We have over 43 years of legal expertise

We specialize in condominium and cottage real estate

We ensure to review the property agreements

We offer reliable legal guidance


Our team will work with you right from the moment of signing your agreement until the closing date to handle your real estate issue to high service standards. Get in touch with us today!



Frequently Asked Questions on Real Estate Law Firm in Toronto

1. What Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs are an umbrella term for the entire set of legal fees and expenses due at the end of a deal. These include everything ranging from prepaid property taxes, maintenance fees, builder adjustment costs, etc.

2. How Much Are the Closing Costs Typically?

The closing costs associated with your real estate deed will vary as per the specific details of your real estate sale/ purchase/ lease deed. If  your real estate deal is a refinancing deal, your closing costs will typically include only legal fees and disbursements. On the other hand, if you purchase a new home in Ontario, your closing costs are expected to be somewhere around 1.0% of your purchase price. However, please note that the builder's cost will vary from builder to builder. Above this, you might have to pay Land Transfer Taxes as well.

3. What Is the Cap Rate?

The CAP rate is typically the annual net rents (excluding financial costs) divided by the property's price. It can also be termed as a 'rate of return.'

4. If I Am Not an Ontario Resident, Can I Still Purchase And/Or Sell a Home Here?

If you are a foreigner, typically, there would not be any restrictions to your purchase of property in Ontario. The same applies to any foreigner who wishes to sell property in Ontario. When purchasing property as a non-Canadian resident, you would need to pay a 15% tax on top of the purchase price, known as Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST).

Making Property Transactions Smooth Sailing for You

Rely on our real estate lawyers in Toronto to handle the legal work for your property.

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