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Professional Wills and Estate Lawyers in Toronto

Planning ahead in regards to your personal affairs can save your family from future problems and expenses. We can assist you in preparing your will to ensure your assets are correctly defined, beneficiaries are clearly mentioned, guardians are assigned for your children, and an executor is appointed per your wishes. You can trust Picov & Kleinberg Barristers & Solicitors, as we will ensure that your assets and estates get transferred to the right beneficiaries without any issues. You stand to benefit from over four decades of experience in servicing the GTA and surrounding areas.


We also assist you with the preparation of powers of attorney to deal with your assets and healthcare during your lifetime.

Wills & Estate Law Services

Wills & Estate Law Services

  • Preparation of wills and powers of attorney

  • Obtaining certificate of appointment (probate)

  • Assisting in the administration of estates

The Importance of Writing a Will

Drafting and writing a will has more benefits than you might know of. Some of these include:

  • Making a will can ensure that your property/assets' control and ownership remain under your authority even after your demise.

  • Wills ensure that your wishes and demands are carried out and fulfilled. In many ways, a will is almost like a guarantee that your wishes are not ignored.

  • It can ensure that your children get some property and assets, securing their future, and provide an equitable distribution of your assets.

  • It helps your family in their time of grief. Without a will, your family will have to navigate a long, tiring, and troublesome bureaucratic process while managing the grief of your loss.

  • A will is going to help in deciding what happens to your body after your death - cremation or burial.

  • A will is also going to help you decide who the executor of your will is going to be.

  • A will can help ensure that some property if you want, goes to your partner so that they are financially stable and cared for.

  • A will can help your pet find the right home if you mention who will get their custody.


The Importance of Working with Our Wills and Estate Lawyers in Toronto

It is always recommended and preferable that you work with a lawyer to prepare and execute your will. Our legal practitioners have the correct resources and knowledge to guide you while you are drafting your will.


We will tell you what items can be included and what should not be included. We also will help you ensure that there are no loopholes in your will that can be exploited after your demise to distribute your property and assets against your wishes. This minimizes your family's chances of having to go through an asset and property dispute.


Understanding Estate Administration Tax

If an estate certificate is applied for and is issued, an Estate Administration Tax is levied on the value of a deceased persons' property. The payment of this tax is made in the form of a deposit when an estate certificate is applied for. Once the certificate is issued, the same amount is attributed to the Estate Administration Tax.


Estate Information Return Form

The Estate Information Return is to be completed and submitted to the Ministry of Attorney General along with an application for a certificate of appointment. This return can be filed online, by mail, by courier, by fax, or in person.

Trustworthy Will & Estate Law Services

Let our Toronto will and estate lawyers help you draft a legally binding will and testament.

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