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Our law firm can help you with legal matters regarding business, real estate, wills and estates and more.

Picov & Kleinberg Lawyers: Reputed Law Firm in Toronto Since 1978

Legal matters can be complex and overwhelming. That’s why you need a legal expert by your side. Picov & Kleinberg Law is a full-service law firm offering legal expertise and guidance in real estate law, business law, wills and estates law and corporate law. With more than 46 years of experience, we bring a personalized approach to each of our clients, without compromising on efficiency. We want to help you make sound legal decisions, and so, we strive to be the team you can rely on for all your legal needs. We’re a locally-owned and operated law firm offering professional legal advice across Toronto and the GTA. For a legal consultation, please feel free to connect with our team today .

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The Picov & Kleinberg Law Edge

Choose us because:

Condominium Real Estate

Our firm has a special focus on condominium real estate and can help you get the home of your dreams. Getting a home in a condo under development can be hard. Let us assist you with presale agreements. If the unit of your choice is sold, often new homeowners change their minds. In that case, you can ask your real estate agent about buying an assignment and negotiate a price as the second buyer. We can ensure all the fine print is read and draft assignment agreements of purchase and sale. Our real estate lawyers will review the contract thoroughly before you get into any costly commitments. If your deal falls or you can’t stick to the commitment you made, our team of experts will guide you on how to prevent a lawsuit and discuss the best possible legal remedies.

Cottage Real Estate

We are one of the few law firms that provide cottage real estate services. Our law firm is known to provide exceptional legal advice and services for owning residential and commercial real estate. If you’re looking to purchase a cottage, firstly, we can help ensure all preliminary investigations are conducted before you sign the agreement. Secondly, we can assist you to review an up-to-date survey of the property and check that you have full access to the property. Thirdly, and quite importantly, we can evaluate the potability tests to ensure the well water is safe for consumption. Finally, we can also ensure that your new cottage meets the municipal zoning by-laws attached to the property. 

A real estate closing might seem like a simple transaction, but it’s advised to consult professional real estate lawyers. We can help with sale agreements, assignment agreements, title documents, purchase agreements and more. Our team of real estate lawyers in Toronto will smoothen out any legal help you seek. 

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Our Areas of Practice

We are your reliable law firm in Toronto and the GTA, offering our services in the following areas of law:

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At Picov & Kleinberg Law, we are experienced in residential and commercial real estate purchase, sale and refinancing. We also specialize in condominium and cottage real estate. We help you to manage the legal aspects and prepare vital documents.


To make the process convenient for you, our team of law experts in Toronto can prepare a range of legal documents and agreements that are crucial for hassle-free transactions.


We understand that it is not every day that you buy or sell your residential or commercial real estate. Our real estate lawyers ensure to review the property agreements, whether you are buying a new home or dealing with your condo’s pre-construction.

Business law icon


Our business lawyers can help you with incorporation, shareholder agreements, lease reviews, contractual compliance, and documentation for buying or selling a business. Efficient legal safeguards are as important as making profits. However, we understand that focusing on the legal aspects of business might be challenging for you. That’s why we offer legal consultations for business law.  You can rely on us for:


Reaching a formal business agreement between business partners. Reviewing the legal lease and renewal documents.


In addition, you can entrust our lawyers with proprietorship deals and legal issues that might arise in the future. You can rely on our professional lawyers for offering personalized services.


Wills icon


Planning for your family’s future is crucial. We can assist you with writing your will to ensure your family has no disputes after your demise. A will can ensure that your assets are transferred to the right beneficiaries when the time comes. In the absence of a will, your estate and assets might become a subject of the dispute and cause unnecessary legal hassles for your family.


At Picov & Kleinberg Law, we can assist you with preparing your powers of attorney for your assets and healthcare during your lifetime. From succession planning to draft your will, our lawyers are there to assist you at every step.


Whether you require a certificate of appointment of an estate trustee or want to appoint a guardian to post your demise, we can prepare it for you. Book an appointment today !


Corporate law icon


If you’re looking to start your business, our corporate lawyers can provide help with incorporation, documentation for selling or buying a business, amalgamation of businesses and more.


The team at Picov & Kleinberg Law is well-versed in understanding new business needs in Toronto. We pay close attention to detail to meet your specific business requirements.


You can trust us with incorporating processes, forming partnerships, and purchasing existing businesses. You don’t have to worry about the legalities; we can handle it for you. We strive to make corporate legal procedures efficient and convenient for you!

What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

Hear our clients share their experience working with us:

Professional Legal Services

“Very impressed by the professional legal services I've received from Ken Picov and his team. Have now worked with him on a few real estate deals and he has always been extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with. We were under some very tight timelines on one of the proceedings and he went above and beyond the call of duty to get everything finalized and prepared in time so that the deal could go through. Very appreciative of all his insights, highly recommended when looking for a real estate lawyer in Toronto. Thanks again!”

- Paul T.

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