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Experienced Wills and Estates Lawyers in Toronto

Planning your personal affairs can save your family from financial problems and expenses in the future. Trust our lawyers to assist you with all matters relating to wills and estates in Toronto. They can help you prepare your will and ensure your assets are correctly defined, beneficiaries are mentioned, guardians are assigned for your children, and an executor is appointed to fulfill your wishes. The wills and estates lawyers at Picov & Kleinberg Barristers & Solicitors will ensure that your assets and estates get transferred to the proper beneficiaries without any issues. With over four decades of experience serving Toronto, the GTA and surrounding areas, we have worked with a range of clients from all walks of life and profiles.

We can also assist you with the preparation of powers of attorney to help you deal with your assets and healthcare during your lifetime. Contact us to speak with or set up a personal appointment with our wills and estates lawyers in Toronto and know how we can help you secure your family's future.


Our wills and estates lawyers in Toronto can assist you with drafting and preparing all legal agreements and documents and give you all the assistance you need to plan for your family's future. We offer a range of legal services and can help you with the following:

Preparation of wills

Succession planning

Assisting with the administration of estates

Obtaining a certificate of appointment of estate trustee (with or without a will)

Planning incapacity (powers of attorney – property and personal care)

Feel free to give us a call to talk to our lawyers in Toronto. We will be happy to help you with reliable and compassionate legal services.

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A will is crucial to ensure that your children, spouse, family, and loved ones are protected, and your possessions are distributed to all concerned parties per your wishes. When it comes to your business, a will can help you preserve its shares and assets and ensure they're adequately transitioned after your lifetime. Without a will, if you are in a marital relationship and have no kids, your legally married partner has the right to all your assets and estate. But if you and your partner are unmarried or in a common law relationship, your partner will not have the same right to your estate. According to Ontario law, common law spouses are not entitled to their partner's assets without these wishes expressed in the deceased's will.

Drafting and writing a will has more benefits than you might know of. Some of these include:

      A will can ensure that the control and ownership of your property and assets are distributed according to your intentions.

      A will ensures that your wishes and demands are carried out and fulfilled. In many ways, a will is almost like a guarantee that your wishes are not ignored.

      It can ensure that some of your property and assets get passed on to your children to help secure their future and provide an equitable distribution of your assets.

      It will help your family in their time of grief. Without a will, your family will have to navigate a long, tiring, and troublesome bureaucratic process, all the while managing the grief of your loss.

      A will is going to help in deciding what happens to your body after your death by stating if you prefer a cremation or burial.

      A will is also going to help you decide who the executor of your will is going to be.

      If you want, a will can help ensure that some property goes to your partner so that they are financially stable and cared for.

      A will can help your pet find the right home if you mention who will get their custody after you are no longer able or around to care for them.

      A will can allow you to appoint a guardian for your children and family members when you pass away.

Get in touch with us to know more about wills and estate laws in Ontario and how our lawyers can help protect and execute your wishes.

Understanding Estate Administration Fee

If an estate certificate is applied for and issued, an Estate Administration fee is levied on a deceased person's property value. The payment of this fee is made at the time when a Certificate of Appointment is applied for.

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Estate Information Return Form

The Estate Information Return is to be completed and submitted to the Ministry of Attorney General with an application for a certificate of appointment. This return can be filed online, by mail, courier, fax, or in person.


The following are some concerns that our wills and estate lawyers in Toronto address frequently:

Does Marriage Affect My Will?

Absolutely. The current will is revoked after a marriage unless it also considers the future marriage. For this to be possible, the will should have a statement highlighting the future marriage and mentioning your spouse's name. If somebody passes away after not renewing their will after marriage, they are considered to have died intestate. This means that the asset distribution is subjected to Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act.

Who Can I Choose To Be the Executor of My Will?

The role of the executor is incredibly important, which is why you should make this decision carefully. This individual can also be a beneficiary of your will. You can choose from adult family members and trusted friends. You can also select a wills and estate lawyer to be an executor. In some scenarios, people opt for joint executors, a combination of a lawyer and an individual of your choice. 

What Happens When an Individual Passes Away Without a Will? 

Individuals who die without a will are considered to have died intestate. Under the law, they are seen to have left no instructions on settling their estate. In such a scenario, the courts take care of the distribution as per the Ontario Succession Law Reform Act. This is why we recommend our clients draft a will under the supervision of our wills and estate lawyers in Toronto. 

Do you have any more queries? We will be delighted to
address them. Besides this, we've compiled helpful resources for you. 



Working with a lawyer to prepare and execute your will is always recommended and preferable. Our legal practitioners are well-versed in the best practices and procedures and have the correct resources and knowledge to guide you while you are drafting your will.

We will tell you what items can and should not be included. We also will help you ensure that there are no loopholes in your will that can be exploited after your demise to distribute your property and assets against your wishes. When you work with our professional wills and estates lawyers, you can minimize your family's chances of going through the stress and trauma of an asset and property dispute after you're gone.


There are many other reasons to hire our experienced wills and estate lawyers, which include:


     Technicalities and details: Our wills and estates lawyers have the required experience and training to draft a technical and clear will that doesn't provide any room for ambiguity. This is an essential requirement when you have complex family dynamics.


     Alterations: A will is a dynamic document that can change with time. Our lawyers can help you make changes to the will quickly and easily. Whether you're having a child or are in the process of acquiring a divorce, we can help update your will to keep up with the altering circumstances.


     No mistakes and errors: The rush to swiftly draft a will can often lead to errors and confusing language. It's an essential legal document that necessitates boilerplate language. Our lawyers can work with you to draft a will free of mistakes, using suitable vocabulary and clear instructions. 


     Ensures proper asset distribution: Family situations can be complex. Our lawyers will carefully inspect your case to ensure that you can entrust your assets to suitable heirs. When you prepare your will with us, we can greatly reduce and almost eliminate any chance of people contesting your wishes.



If you'd like to learn more about the reasons to hire our wills and estates lawyers in Toronto, please don't hesitate to speak to us.


At our law firm, we're always welcoming new clients. Our wills and estate lawyers in Toronto will help make the legalities easier for you to understand and provide the guidance you require. Our assistance will lead you to make informed decisions that ensure your assets don't fall into the wrong hands and your loved ones are cared for as you desire. 

get in touch with us if you'd like to make an appointment with us. Apart from this, we can also support you with business law solutions, amongst other things. 

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Let our will and estate lawyers in Toronto help you draft a legally binding will and testament.

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